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Company Profile

The business of Shanghai Landian Safety Technology Co., Ltd. in the early days was mainly to introduce foreign high-tech products and equipment related to safety into China, and to recommend and apply related products in combination with the needs of domestic industrial industries. The company is an agent and exclusive authorized maintenance provider for Honeywell gas alarm products, thermal energy products, and PPE products.

Since 2015, LANDER has carried out in-depth research and development cooperation with Honeywell, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other related departments in the fields of intelligent application of gas detection, environmental protection oil and gas water separation, and traceability of odorous gas leakage. The company already has its own products such as "Intelligent Gas Detection Protection System", "Visual Front End", "Smart Gas Detector", "Gas Cloud Imaging", "Communication Terminal", "LDS Peripheral", etc.  LANDER continues to increase investment in research and development every year, and in recent years has continuously achieved the results of the combination of production and research. In December 2019, LANDER officially became a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. In 2021, LANDER has established the "Fluid Mechanics Application Research Center", dedicated to the environmental protection application of fluid mechanics in industrial process technology and control process. In 2022, LANDER's "LDS intelligent gas detection and protection series" products have been launched to the market.

LANDER takes it as its responsibility to provide reliable safety and intelligent security products and expand the application of core technology products in the fields of enterprise safety, environmental protection and automation. In line with serving safety, relying on safe development, to be a technology leader in the field of safety and environmental protection, and keep making progress. We look forward to writing a small chapter of LANDER security in the history of development in the field of domestic security.

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